Hearing Health Awareness Campaign 2020

Hearing Health Awareness Campaign 2020

HKU Students Only: Your chance to win EXCLUSIVE prizes worth HKD$1,600! New Year’s gifts from us! Join this Lucky Draw!

1st Prize (2 winners) – A FREE pair of custom-made noise protectors (HKD $1,600 value)
2nd Prize (2 winners) – A pair of custom-made noise protectors for only $100 (HKD$1,600 value)
Twenty participants are eligible to receive a 50% discount for purchasing a pair of custom-made noise protectors at HKD$800 (HKD$1,600 value) 


Step 1 – Watch a 4-minute virtual workshop video online.


Step 2 – Complete a 4-question survey with this QR code or on the website.





Lucky Draw participation deadline: Monday, February 3, 2020. Participants will be contacted individually for prize redemption in February 2020. Please email us at hearwell@hku.hk if you have any questions.